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Teens Save 3 Friends From Sinking Car

Boys Injure Themselves Saving 3; Best Friend Performs CPR

POSTED: 2:43 pm CDT September 14, 2006
UPDATED: 7:39 pm CDT September 14, 2006

LOCKPORT, Ill. — A group of Lockport teens sprung to the rescue of their pals in a submerged car Wednesday.

A car carrying Brent Walker, 15, Nick Lopezalles, 16, and his father, Frank Walker Lopezalles, lay upside down and steaming in the Illinois & Michigan Canal.

Their friends piled out of their car and came to their rescue.

Chris Murphy pulled off his shirt and shoes and waded into the canal near downtown Lockport, with Darius Allen in pursuit.

"I didn’t stop to think at all," Murphy told the Chicago Tribune Wednesday, recounting the harrowing incident from the day before. "I just did it."

Chris and Darius, both 15, broke three car windows using fists and elbows, they said.

"Then we opened up all the doors," Chris said, adding that he quickly pulled the 16-year-old driver from the murky water.

"He was blue and purple," Chris told the Tribune of his best friend. "His tongue was hanging out of his mouth. We put him on the back of (our) car."

Murphy said he thought he was dead, but Jesus Alejandre, 16, who had waded into the water behind his friends, yelled for them to apply CPR, so they did. Brent was revived.

Authorities said the victims were very lucky to have survived.

After the accident, Brent’s mother called her son’s high school to thank them for teaching CPR in class.


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