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This was posted on another site by a friend:

I was in China last month, I saw a Chinese modern dance competition on
TV. One couple won one of the top prizes. The lady [Ma Li] has one arm
and the guy [Zhai Xiaowei] has one leg. They performed gracefully and

lady in her 30s was a dancer and was trained as one since she was a
little girl. Later she got into some kind of accident and lost her
entire left arm. She was depressed for a few years. It seemed that
someone asked her to coach a Children’s dancing group. From that point
on, she realized she could not forget dancing. She still loved to
dance. She wanted to dance again. So she started to do some of her old
routines. But by her losing an arm, she also lost her balance. It took
a while before she could even making simple turns and spins without
falling. Eventually she got it.

Then she heard some guy in his 20s had lost a leg in an accident.
guy also fell into the usual denial, depression and anger type of
emotional roller coaster. She looked him up (seemingly he was from a
different Province) and persuaded him to dance with her. He had never
danced. And to dance with one leg? Are you joking with me? No way.

she didn’t give up. He reluctantly agreed. " I have nothing else to do
anyway." She started to teach him dancing 101. The two broke up a few
times because the guy had no concept of using muscle, control his body,
and a few other basic things about dancing. When she became frustrated
and lost patience with him, he would walk out. Eventually they came
back together and started training. They hired a choreographer to
design routines for them. She would fly high (held by him) with both
arms (a sleeve for an arm) flying in the air. He could bend
horizontally supported by one leg and she leaning on him, etc.

They danced beautifully and they legitimately beat others in the competition.

would like to share with you this most magnificent and touching
performance I have ever seen! It is a living proof that strong spirit
can conquer any physical limitations!

[The Chinese word in the background means Dance]


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