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Happy New Year!


Wishing you and yours the best of God’s blessings in the New Year!



A Company That Has The Spirit of Christmas…All Year

During these difficult times and with all the distrust these days of corporations, this story was really a breath of fresh air.  If you are trying to help our planet by buying earth-friendly products, check out this website: www.ecos.com

Family-Owned Company Hands Out Hefty Bonuses



The Vlahakis family has owned Earth
Friendly Products for decades, and employees say the family is doing nice
things for them.

During this difficult
recession, many American workers feel lucky just to hold on to their jobs. But
a company in west suburban Wood Dale is not only keeping all its employees –
bosses are handing out holiday bonuses.

As CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole reports, the workers at Earth Friendly Products are
coming clean about making ends meet in a troubled economy.

"So many people are losing their jobs, out of work, it’s a tough time
right now," batch maker Torin Moore said.

Jeannette Udischas, who works in customer service at the company, said,
"The economy is kind of scary."

But their holidays will be far from washed up. All the workers at Earth
Friendly Products got very generous Christmas bonuses. The company is dividing
more than $1 million between its 120 employees.

For most, it’s adding up to an extra month’s pay.

"It came in handy for these tough times," Moore said.

Now, from the assembly line to the shipping dock, the employees are talking
about what they plan to do with all that cash.

"I got credit card bills so some of it is gonna go to that," said Joe
Marrese, who works in the shipping dock.

"I gonna fix my kitchen with that bonus check," Jose Gonzales said.

"I have three daughters and if they’re all going to get a little bit more
in their stockings because of it — I share — they don’t know this yet,
they’ll find out," Udischas said.

"They never cease to amaze me there’s always something happening here —
they are always doing something for their employees," Moore said.

Earlier this year every worker here got another bonus check, to help pay for
rising gas prices. Apparently the Vlahakis family – who have owned the company
for decades – wouldn’t have it any other way.

"The owner really believes in his workers being the number one
asset," another employee told CBS 2.

And in return the company is being rewarded with dozens of faithful productive

"It’s a very nice feeling," Udischas said. "You feel you are
worth something here because they appreciate what you do."

And that’s a feeling you can’t really buy in a bottle.

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