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Snake Hopelessly Entangled: Woman Cuts Him Free

Written by Anne Gayler of Orange County, New York

I live in a 200-year-old house right by a stream. A pipe leads from the basement into the stream to deal with the occasional flood.

One day while in the basement I noticed that ‘someone’ had thrown all the tools off my workbench and onto the floor.  I wondered, “Who could have done that?”

Tools were scattered everywhere. I started to put them back and then recoiled with a shriek. The culprit was a two foot snake. The poor thing was almost near death. He had crawled onto the workbench, probably in search of mice, and had tried to slither through some bird netting. Instead he became horribly entangled. Wads of netting were wound around in his mouth, around his neck and strangulating his body. His struggles had been violent enough to throw the tools onto the floor…but he hardly had the strength to move at this point.

I Raced Upstairs

I raced upstairs for the scissors. Carefully, I took him by the neck right below the head and started cutting the netting off, starting from the tail end.  There was a moment of fear when he suddenly regained strength and wound himself around my arm. I gently unwound him and continued until I got to the neck. I had almost all the netting off his neck when with amazing strength he wrested himself away from me and fled toward the pipe hole. But he was still in trouble. A ruff of netting was still wound around his neck and twisted inside his mouth. And now here’s the amazing part. He turned and faced me and stood still.

Talking to him, very slowly and quietly, I approached him. He let me get close enough so that I could grab the ruff of netting around his neck and I held on while he struggled backward to get out of it, which he did! One last look and down the pipe he went. I was left feeling very gratified that he had somehow realized I was his friend and had allowed me to help him.

Use Netting With Caution

This snake is among many animals who get trapped in netting each year.  Squirrels, chipmunks, birds and other wildlife frequently become entangled in outdoor netting.  If you use netting in your garden be sure to inspect it at dawn and dusk and wear protective gear if you need to engage in a rescue.


Britain’s Got Talent Canine Freestyle

Britain’s Got Talent Kate and Border Collie Gin perform and impressive Canine Freestyle routine to a James Bond theme.
If you want to do this yourself, you will need a Border Collie!

First broadcast on Saturday 12 April 2008 on ITV1 in the UK.

Escaped Tennessee Parrot Turns Up Safe in NY


Escaped Tennessee Parrot Turns Up Safe in NY
Woman knew it was her pet when she talked to him on the phone!
The Associated Press

Updated: 6:35 a.m. CT Oct 12, 2006

JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. — A woman’s pet parrot that flew away from her in Johnson City turned up hundreds of miles away in Long Island, N.Y., despite being a weak flyer.

Kim Kendrick lost her 47-year-old Amazon parrot, Buzzy, nearly two months ago while walking with him outside. But she got an unexpected phone call Tuesday from a New Yorker named Josh Ruderman, who said he had found Buzzy.

"When I heard he was in New York I was skeptical at first," Kendrick said. "But then I talked with Buzzy on the phone and Josh sent me photos and it’s no doubt that it’s him."

The bird didn’t fly to New York. Ruderman had been visiting East Tennessee for two months and found Buzzy in Johnson City four days after Kendrick lost him on Aug. 14.

Ruderman said he searched the papers during the last three weeks of his visit, but could not find Buzzy’s owner. So Ruderman took him home to Long Island.

Ruderman finally found Buzzy’s grateful owner after reading a Sept. 20 article in the Johnson City Press about the missing parrot and e-mailed her Tuesday.

"It really is nice when a story comes together with a happy ending, but for me I will miss Buzzy very much," Ruderman said.

Kendrick said she planned to drive up from Tennessee to Long Island next week to pick up Buzzy.

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Hero Pooch is Inducted into Hall of Fame


Hero Pooch is Inducted into Hall of Fame
Fifteen-pound dog named Teddy Bear chases off armed intruder
The Associated Press

Updated: 7:04 a.m. CT Oct 9, 2006

BENTON, Ky. — A 15-pound pooch that fended off an intruder to defend its owner has earned a spot in the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association’s Animal Hall of Fame.

Teddy Bear, a 4-year-old Pomeranian owned by Leslie Ferguson, 24, bit an armed robber in April and created enough of a distraction that Ferguson could escape to a neighbor’s house. The dog was inducted into the association’s Hall of Fame on Saturday.

"My husband was out of town," Ferguson said. "He was on active duty in the military, and I had a guy break into my house with a gun.

"He tried to force me into another room. We ended up wrestling for the gun, and Teddy bit him and latched onto his hand. I was able to get the gun from the guy. He ended up getting the gun back, but Teddy distracted him long enough where I could get out of the house."

Ferguson said Teddy Bear never hesitated, even though he had never been vicious toward anyone.

"I guess he realized that I was in danger, and he just took action," Ferguson said. "He did great."

"Teddy followed me and pretty much didn’t let me out of his sight until the next day," she said. "He still keeps a close eye on me."

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